Yippee Ki-YAY Jobs

Y is for… Yard Teacher!

If you’ve ever read Sideways Stories from Wayside School, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Louis the Yard Teacher.

But, have you ever wondered what, exactly, a Yard Teacher does?

As Louis Sachar, who wrote Sideways Stories explains in a profile on the Scholastic Books website:

“After he was at the school for a while, he was asked to be the Noon Time Supervisor. It was his job to watch over the kids during lunch. Sachar played games with the kids who all called him ‘Louis, the Yard Teacher.'”

So, basically, a Yard Teacher is a supervisor or teacher’s aide, who makes sure the kids playing at lunch time or recess aren’t getting into trouble or hurting themselves or each other.

If being a Yard Teacher is anything like Sachar describes in Sideways Stories, this sounds like a pretty cool career indeed.

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