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O is for… Oceanographer!

One of my favorite fictional job titles is “Oceanographic Explorer,” which is actually the name of a magazine that features in Wes Anderson’s movie, The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou. The reporter who arrives to interview Steve becomes quite a thorn in his side, which is part of what makes this movie so funny, but as it turns out one can be an Oceanographic Explorer in real life by becoming an Oceanographer.

Oceanographers study the sea – and its inhabitants! (photo credit: David J. Thomas)

Oceanographers are scientists who study the ocean. There are many different scientific disciplines that fall under oceanography, including marine biology, marine chemistry, marine geology, and physical oceanography. Even NASA is looking for oceanographers, to observe our oceans from space!

UC San Diego is actually a leader in oceanography – and for good reason. The city is, of course, right on California’s coast, and has plenty of access to the water. And the Scripps Institution of Oceanography is interested in training the next generation of marine scientists who can address “issues of global concern, the environment, climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable resources.” (And you can find a full list of things you can do with a degree from Scripps here!)

Whether you’re interested in science or adventure (or a little bit of both!) oceanography is an exciting field to consider.

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