Philosophically and Potentially Perfect Jobs

P is for… Photographer!

This may be one of my favorite cool jobs, because who doesn’t love taking photos?

Of course, becoming a professional photographer is a lot more work than simply snapping pix on your iPhone.

“It’s almost like looking in a mirror” (photo credit: Adam Moralee)

As with becoming a writer, there are many different genres of photography in which one might specialize. You could be a fashion photographer, a portrait photographer, a science or industrial photographer, a food photographer… and the list goes on.

“Photojournalism” (photo credit: Oliver Symens)

One of the most important parts of becoming a photographer is, of course, having a “good eye.” Being able to spot a great photo waiting to happen is just one skill that a pro has honed, along with figuring out the best lighting, how to arrange people or objects within a composition, creating artistic or commercial images that fit the needs of an intended audience or client, and how cameras themselves mechanically (or digitally) function to create interesting effects.

And then, there’s Photoshop!

So how does one become a professional photographer? Read on for more info from the pros themselves…

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