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E is for… Engineer!

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It’s not every career that nets you a special ring!

The Order of the Engineer issues new engineering graduates simple stainless steel rings, meant to be worn on the pinky of the dominant hand, to signify the nature of engineering work.

Here is the Obligation of the Engineer, an oath that should be uttered before donning the ring:

I am an Engineer.

In my profession I take deep pride. To it I owe solemn obligations.

Since the Stone Age, Human Progress has been spurred by the Engineering Genius. Engineers have made usable Nature’s vast resources of Materials and Energy for Humanity’s Benefit.

Engineers have vitalized and turned to practical use the Principles of Science and the Means of Technology. Were it not for this heritage of accumulated experiences, my efforts would be feeble.

As an engineer, I, (full name), pledge to practice Integrity and Fair Dealing, Tolerance, and Respect, and to uphold devotion to the standards and dignity of my profession, conscious always that my skill carries with it the obligation to serve humanity by making best use of the Earth’s precious wealth.

As an engineer, I shall participate in none but honest enterprises. When needed, my skill and knowledge shall be given without reservation for the public good. In the performance of duty, and in fidelity to my profession, I shall give the utmost.

If you think engineering is just about math, science, and logic… you’re half right.

There are many different kinds of engineers, ranging from aerospace and civil engineers, to mechanical and software engineers, to environmental and nuclear engineers.

If you’re interested in solving problems, using logical reasoning, and designing new products (or updating older ones!), consider an exciting career in engineering! Indeed, if you’ve been wondering whether or not you should become an engineer, here’s a handy quiz to help you figure things out.

Oh, and as an added bonus, being mistaken for the conductor on an old-fashioned steam locomotive isn’t half bad, either…

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