Cool Job of the Week: Ninja

Did you know that there’s currently a ninja shortage in Japan? Yes, it’s true: Japan’s number one fighting force is currently under attack!

The major problem, as I see it, stems from the fact that ninja are currently being treated as entertainers, not the lethal forces of mischief and mayhem they truly are.

Nevertheless, if you’ve been looking for a career as a ninja, this is good news for you. But first, you’ll need to get trained up! The best places to learn the ancient art of ninjutsu are Nabari and Iga, both of which are located in the Mie Prefecture of Japan.

Training you’ll need to become a ninja:

  • Unarmed combat
  • The art of concealment
  • Acrobatics
  • How to use throwing stars (shuriken)
  • Swordfighting

As per the Independent‘s article, however: “Invisibility and walking on water, despite the folklore, are not part of the job description.”

Need more ninja?

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