Friday Fun: Kung Fu Fighting

Along the lines of last week’s post on “Paperback Writer,” this week’s Friday Fun song is also deviating from a strict career theme with “Kung Fu Fighting,” performed by Cee Lo Green and Jack Black:

This cover of a disco hit, originally performed by Carl Douglas in 1974, was also featured in the Disney film Kung Fu Panda (hence Jack Black’s inclusion here, as the panda in question). The film focuses on a panda’s discovery that he is the Dragon Warrior and, despite a portly appearance and a total lack of kung fu training, he is the only one who can save his village from the fearsome Tai Lung.

Basically, it’s about being underestimated, and learning to overcome the limitations society places upon you.

This tune is just plain catchy, and it’s a great way to burst into the weekend while practicing your roundhouse kicks.


Need more ninja?

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