Quietly Quintessential Jobs

Q is for… Quick Sketch Artist!

Today’s post will be quick – just like the job itself!

Quick sketch artists can be found in at least two settings that I can think of: in a courtroom or on the beach.

Courtroom sketch artists usually draw scenes from high-profile trials, since flash photography is often not allowed during court proceedings.

Caricaturists are usually quick sketch artists who exaggerate certain body parts, and typically create humorous portraits for a small fee. You may have seen these folks on a boardwalk by the beach, at a fair, or even hanging out at a public park with an easel full of paper and some pens.

“Caricaturist” (photo credit: Kai Schaper)

If you’ve got artistic ability, and work fast, perhaps a career in quick sketch artistry is for you!

Other Quintessential Jobs That Start With Q

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst
  • Quarry Supervisor
  • Quartermaster
  • Quilter

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