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X is for… Xylophonist!

There aren’t a whole lot of jobs in the world that start with X (particularly without referencing name brands, such as “Xerox Operator/Salesperson”), but one of the most interesting is Xylophonist.

Xylophonists are percussionists that specialize in playing the xylophone. The xylophone, as you may already know, is an instrument made of wooden bars hit with mallets to produce sound. Xylophones are also related to the marimba, balafon, semantron, and metallophones like the glockenspiel and vibraphone. Different types of xylophones can also be found in gamelan ensembles, found in Indonesia.

Here’s a video of “The World’s Greatest Xylophonist,” Teddy Brown:

Of course, there are many other xylophonists in the world today! One of them is Evelyn Glennie, who bills herself as “the world’s premier solo percussionist.” According to Glennie’s TED biography:

“The Grammy-winning percussionist and composer became almost completely deaf by the age of 12, but her hearing loss brought her a deeper understanding of and connection to the music she loves. She’s the subject of the documentary Touch the Sound, which explores this unconventional and intriguing approach to percussion.”

You should definitely check out Glennie’s TED Talk, “How to Truly Listen.”

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