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U is for… Umpire!

Umpires are used in baseball, cricket and tennis. They are the folks who determine whether or not players are playing by the rules, and what to do when they aren’t.

“High School Girls JV Softball” (photo credit: mark6mauno)

Umpires must be sports fans, but also sticklers for following the rules. They also need to be people with upstanding moral character, so they’re not bending the rules for some players and not others, nor favoring a certain team. Impartiality is key to an umpire’s success.

In Major League Baseball, there are only 68 umpires in the entire sport, which means that there’s a long waiting list before you’ll get the call to make the calls. In the meantime, you can be an umpire in the minor leagues (where there are 225 positions available), or in college baseball, at Little League games, or unofficial matches. You can also umpire softball games (as pictured above), which have slightly different rules than baseball games – be sure not to mix them up!

Alternatives to being an umpire: Become a referee, linesman, adjudicator, arbitrator, judge, moderator or official. Every sport has their own name for the people who make sure the rules are being followed. Pick your favorite sport, learn all the rules, and start armchair umping!

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