Cool Jobs from A to Z: Reflections

The A to Z Challenge is over, and I’m exhausted! I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the coolest jobs I could find, for each letter of the alphabet. In case you missed any, you can find the full list of posts, in alphabetical order, over here.

I enjoyed writing these posts, although since my month ended up being pretty busy, I didn’t get to read most of my fellow participants’ blogs! I hope to get to some more posts in May, and see what I missed.

Of course, this isn’t the last you’ll see of World’s Coolest Jobs! I’ll keep you updated about even more cool jobs every week. To keep things interesting, I’ll be posting “Friday Fun” and “Odd Jobs,” along with new interviews with all kinds of people doing cool jobs.

I’ll also be turning my A to Z blogs into an expanded book called World’s Coolest Jobs by the end of this year – but I need your help!

If you or someone you know has a cool job, I’d love to hear all about it! I’ve created a self-interview page where you can tell me all about the work you do and why it’s so cool, here, so just click the link and fire away. Even if you’re not sure whether your job qualifies, I would still love to hear from you. Tell me what you like and dislike about your job, and why it challenges you! If I use your answers in the book, I’ll send you a copy on release day. How cool is that?

Thanks for reading along on my Cool Career Challenge, and I hope that my posts have inspired you to keep on learning, growing, doing and searching ’til you find your dream job!

Zippy Zappy Zubby Jobs

Z is for… Zoologist!

What’s zoology? It’s the study of animals and their behavior, as well as how they interact with their environment or ecosystem.

“Hosts Kelly Stoetzel and Rives speak onstage at TEDYouth, Session 2, November 15, 2014, Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, New York. Photo: Ryan Lash/TED” (photo credit: TED Conference)

So what do zoologists do? If you guessed “work in zoos” you’re half right. Zoologists also work in various government positions, including county, state or federal agencies (for instance, the Department of Energy or the Smithsonian), or in private businesses.

“Doris Mable Cochran (1898-1968), measuring a turtle shell” (photo credit: Smithsonian Institution)

Zoologists may work for wildlife conservation groups, rehabilitating animals and releasing them back into the wild. They may also work in the field, observing animals in their natural habitat, like Jane Goodall or Dian Fossey.

Some other famous zoologists include the late great Steve Irwin and Charles Darwin.

Although most zoologists don’t poke animals with sticks, there are certainly many different ways to observe animals in their natural habitats. If you like learning about animal behaviors, watching animals in the wild, or want to protect animals from human encroachment on their land, zoology could be the career for you!

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  • Zoo Keeper
  • Zoot Suit Tailor

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Yippee Ki-YAY Jobs

Y is for… Yard Teacher!

If you’ve ever read Sideways Stories from Wayside School, you’re undoubtedly familiar with Louis the Yard Teacher.

But, have you ever wondered what, exactly, a Yard Teacher does?

As Louis Sachar, who wrote Sideways Stories explains in a profile on the Scholastic Books website:

“After he was at the school for a while, he was asked to be the Noon Time Supervisor. It was his job to watch over the kids during lunch. Sachar played games with the kids who all called him ‘Louis, the Yard Teacher.'”

So, basically, a Yard Teacher is a supervisor or teacher’s aide, who makes sure the kids playing at lunch time or recess aren’t getting into trouble or hurting themselves or each other.

If being a Yard Teacher is anything like Sachar describes in Sideways Stories, this sounds like a pretty cool career indeed.

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Want to learn about even more cool jobs?

Pre-order the book, World’s Coolest Jobs, a collection of all the coolest jobs you never knew existed. On sale September 1, 2017.