About The Author

Laura Roberts is the author of the YA career guides Careers in Gaming (January 2017), Careers in Digital Media and Careers If You Like Music (August 2017), published by ReferencePoint Press. She has held a wide variety of odd and entertaining jobs over the years, such as:

  • Angle Bracketeer (aka Web Intern)
  • Barista (yes, at Starbucks!)
  • Book Jockey (aka College Library Clerk)
  • College Co-op Cog (aka Bookstore Employee)
  • Enigmatic Editor
  • Guarded Gatekeeper (aka Resentful Receptionist)
  • Online Grader (aka Teaching Assistant, or TA)
  • Phantastic Photocopiest (aka Terrific Temp)
  • Video Store Clerk (sort of like the hamster that dispenses your movies at the Redbox)
  • Yellow Journalist (aka Yellow Pages article author)
  • Weekly Columnist
  • Writing Coach
  • And many more!

Her current day job involves transcription for reality TV, which gives her plenty of ideas for her books. She also knows a lot of people with really cool jobs!

In addition to her books for young adults, Laura has also published 15 books for adults with Buttontapper Press. These cover a variety of genres, including the alphabetical travel guides San Diego From A to Z and Montreal From A to Z, and the offbeat writing guides Confessions of a 3-Day Novelist and NaNoWriMo: A Cheater’s Guide, as well as the political satire/adventure tale, Ninjas of the 512.

She currently writes in sunny San Diego, where she lives with her artist husband and their literary kitties. You can follow her on Instagram @LauraRobertsBooks, on Twitter @LRobertsBooks, or read more of her writing at Buttontapper.com.