Wonderful, Wacky, Wild Jobs

W is for… Wedding Singer!

If you’ve ever seen The Wedding Singer, you’ve probably wondered “Do people really do that for a living?”

The answer is yes!

Wedding singers are musicians. Sometimes they work solo, but more frequently they work with bands, and may also play an instrument of their own.

My mother used to be an organist and wedding singer for people who were married in a traditional Catholic church ceremony. She played the organ and sang songs chosen by the couple, at various points in the church service, to help them make their special day unique.

Granted, this was back in the 1980s and 1990s, so these songs may seem dated, but I remember her practicing these wedding standards in our living room with happy couples:

Along with, of course, Mendelssohn’s Wedding March, “Here Comes the Bride,” and Pachelbel’s Canon.

Normally wedding singers entertain a post-church crowd at wedding receptions (which are like after-parties). As Rachel Anne Warren says in her piece for The Billfold:

“If you request a list of all sad, sappy songs that pull on your heartstrings like lepers, we’ll probably encourage you to let us steer the ship straight into the party zone. The party zone is, of course, that other-worldly place where you forget you own a cellular phone because faces are melting, booties are shaking, and souls are burning with the flames of life.”

Being a wedding singer these days is all about keeping the party rolling, encouraging audience participation, and singing crowd favorites. Depending on the style of music that the married couple prefers, wedding singers will belt out popular tunes of today (or yesteryear), and do their best to keep everybody dancing, clapping, and singing along.

If leading a perpetual party sounds like your kind of job, then maybe becoming a wedding singer is the job for you!

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Vivid, Vibrant, Vital Jobs

V is for… Video Game Developer!

Video games are developed by – you guessed it – video game developers. And what, exactly, do video game developers do? They come up with all the ideas for your favorite games, creating the concepts and characters that others will help to execute.

“Gamer” (photo credit: Henrik Johansson)

Did you know that the video game industry made $91 BILLION (yes, that’s BILLION with a B!) globally in 2016? This is truly an exploding industry, particularly for mobile game developers, and one that excites and intrigues many different kinds of people.

Gone are the days of gamers hiding their addiction in their bedrooms or basements. Gamers, indeed, are from all age groups and walks of life, and creating games that appeal to many different groups of people is the key to becoming a successful game developer.

If you want to learn a lot more about becoming a video game developer, you should definitely read my book, Careers in Gaming, which features an entire chapter on this exciting, fast-paced job and the people who do it.

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Unique, Uncommon, Unusual Jobs

U is for… Umpire!

Umpires are used in baseball, cricket and tennis. They are the folks who determine whether or not players are playing by the rules, and what to do when they aren’t.

“High School Girls JV Softball” (photo credit: mark6mauno)

Umpires must be sports fans, but also sticklers for following the rules. They also need to be people with upstanding moral character, so they’re not bending the rules for some players and not others, nor favoring a certain team. Impartiality is key to an umpire’s success.

In Major League Baseball, there are only 68 umpires in the entire sport, which means that there’s a long waiting list before you’ll get the call to make the calls. In the meantime, you can be an umpire in the minor leagues (where there are 225 positions available), or in college baseball, at Little League games, or unofficial matches. You can also umpire softball games (as pictured above), which have slightly different rules than baseball games – be sure not to mix them up!

Alternatives to being an umpire: Become a referee, linesman, adjudicator, arbitrator, judge, moderator or official. Every sport has their own name for the people who make sure the rules are being followed. Pick your favorite sport, learn all the rules, and start armchair umping!

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